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Innocent and Daria

Wedding of innocent and Daria was in a wonderful and beautiful area of the Leningrad region, in the Pushkin city. The walk we did in the Catherine Park and near the estate of Grand Duke Boris Romanov. These are two brightest places for photo shoots in Pushkin. The Catherine Park has many interesting locations near the lake, Cameron's gallery, the Marble bridge, which was opened after reconstruction in 2017, paths and paths. Is near the" Singing tower " with a viewing platform, standing on which you can enjoy all the splendor of natural beauty and to make beautiful pictures. At the weekend, in the Catherine Park a lot of people – is not easy task for a photographer. However, with proper framing you can avoid having strangers in the background. The weather was good and did not have rain.

Sergey and Tatyana

It is not necessary to do the first meeting at the bride's home. During the conversation with Sergey and Tatiana I offered to make their meeting in the Botanical garden. They supported my idea.To the Botanical garden, in a pre-agreed place, the bride and I came first. First we maked pictures of the bride and then the groom arrived. The meeting was filmed in a reportage style, I did not interfered in what is happening. It turned out nice and natural.

Vitaliy and Evgeniya

The wedding of Vitaly and Eugene was in an unusual day - in the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. It was very hot, however, nothing prevent to make bright, sunny and colorful pictures. The main thing at the wedding is the mood!

Daria and Dmitri

Dasha and Dima are very funny! Their wedding was small, family. It turned out a lot of heartfelt and cute pictures. My work was dominated by the reportage. And yet, we were able to meet the setting sun, making interesting silhouette pictures. And all this during the wedding day. We did not forget about the parents, relatives and friends, maked group shots. Wedding photos has been decorated in a very unusual photo book, on pages of which you can read about how Dasha and Dima encountered, about their declaration of love, first kiss, feelings and emotions, stories and adventures, about how they will see their family from ten years. It turned out very nice, sincere, peaceful and spring warm. The main point is that Dasha and Dima didn't know what was written about each other. For them, it was a real surprise at the time of receipt of the photobook. Love and be loved! That's great!

Alexander and Anastasia

The wedding of Alexander and Anastasia was in Belarus, in Minsk. It was an amazing, spring day!



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