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I am giving bright emotions, beautiful photographing and making photos in the best European traditions



Choose your favorite design of your wedding photos

Photo prints         Mat                    Photobook            
20 images 20×30 cm

Print images of the original pigment ink Epson

Pictures will be transmitted with paper envelope


20 mat 30×30 cm

Набор паспарту в СПБ





30 sheets 30×30 cm

Natural or artificial leather. Individual cover.


2 mini book for parents (15×15 cm)

A gift from me

Pre-wedding taking pictures with a slideshow that you can show the day of the wedding

Сolor correction, retouching

Doing color correction all selected material and retouch all portrait photos

Digital photos on USB flash

I give to you digital images on usb-flash in original size and copy of images for internet.

Photo shoot all wedding day

Usually I shoot all wedding day, work for result

The production time of an order is 60 days

10 images on 7 day after wedding

Backup store photos in digital form 5 years

              470 €             550 €                 700 €


Additional features:

Create a slide show – 20 € 

Minibook for parents (15×15 cm) – 140 €

Printing photos on canvas ( from 60×90 cm) – 100 €

Mounting image in the frame (61 x 91 cm) – from 100 €

Print photos of the original pigment ink epson (15×22 cm) – 4 € for 1 piece

Pre wedding photography – 100 

The price does not include the cost of the transfer. Please contact me in any way convenient to you.

Заявка на свадебную съемку


Выберете оформление Ваших фотографий

Фотографии в электронном видеПечать фотографийОформление фотографии в фоторамку 91*61 смИзготовление фотокнигиФотокнига для родителейСлайд-шоу свадебных фотографийСвой вариант

Дополнительная информация:

Request for wedding photo shoot


Select the decor of your photos

Photos in electronic formPrinting photosMounting photo in the frame 91*61 cmPhotobookMounting images in the matboardA photobook for parentsA slideshow of wedding photosOwn version

Additional information:

Заявка на фотосъемку


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