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Portrait photo

The cost of the one portrait photo on location or at your home The cost of the one portrait photo in the studio (studio portrait)
A short photosession in Saint-Petersburg which you will receive a portrait photo in electronic form in original resolution and a copy, adapted for the Internet. Doing color correction and retouch your photo.
400 RUB 1600 RUB

Additional services:

● printing portrait on canvas (60*90cm) – from 6200 RUB;

● mounting a portrait photo in exclusive frame of my production (in according to the requirements of the Fine Art Trade Guild) – from 35000 RUB;

● print photo on a photo paper (technology EPSON UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta) (format 15*22 cm) – 250 RUB.

● the services of makeup artist/stylist – 3000 RUB;

● gift certificate for portrait shooting.

Заявка на свадебную съемку


Выберете оформление Ваших фотографий

Фотографии в электронном видеПечать фотографийОформление фотографии в фоторамку 91*61 смИзготовление фотокнигиФотокнига для родителейСлайд-шоу свадебных фотографийСвой вариант

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Request for wedding photo shoot


Select the decor of your photos

Photos in electronic formPrinting photosMounting photo in the frame 91*61 cmPhotobookMounting images in the matboardA photobook for parentsA slideshow of wedding photosOwn version

Additional information:

Заявка на фотосъемку


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